Some of the frequently asked questions about the plugin.

I use a proxy / have a network, should i put the plugin in every server?

No, you only need to put the plugin in a single server, preferably your proxy server. See the Installation section of this wiki for more information.

What happened to the spigot.yml (Command/OP protection)?

Before EpicGuard v6.0, there's been a file called spigot.yml in the EpicGuard's directory, if you've been running on a spigot server. It allowed you to configure blocked/allowed commands, and some operator protections. It has been removed, because EpicGuard is an antibot plugin so these features didn't quite fit in, and they have been spigot-exclusive. These features have been moved to my new plugin, CommandControl, and now support other platforms such as Bungeecord and Velocity.

Outdated / Unsupported version error

Spigot 1.8

Support for this version has been dropped in the 6.0 version. The plugin will continue to work, but you can't use status actionbar, and you may run into some weird errors caused by running on outdated software.

Using Spigot 1.8 is not supported and you will not receive any support.

Java 8

Minecraft will be updating to Java 16 in the 1.17 version, and some server software such as Paper wlll stop supporting older Java versions. EpicGuard will keep compatibility with Java 11, but Java 8 may be dropped in future releases.

How many connections can it handle?

There's no single answer to this question. It highly depends on your hardware, server platform, your EpicGuard's configuration, and other plugins in your server. You can test it by yourself by running the /guard status command to display current connections per second.

Is this plugin compatible with Geyser / Floodgate?

There is no special support for this software, it's untested how the plugin will behave when using Geyser, but if you have any issues, we are open to hear about them and hopefully add some compatibility if needed.

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